It’s never too early to start thinking about the Christmas season, especially if you’re running a business. Black Friday used to be the official start of the Christmas buying season, but not anymore. Each year it seems to start earlier as people begin buying up gifts as soon as possible. In order to be prepared for the upcoming busy holiday sales, I’ve got some helpful tips to get you ahead of the game.

1. Increase your social media engagement leading into the Christmas season

Social media marketing has become a huge tool in building a successful business, and you can use it to your advantage this season. If you want to draw the attention of new users, increase your social media engagement throughout late October and early November. This will allow you more opportunities to draw in new clients and will keep you present in the minds of your already active followers.

Some great ways to increase this engagement is through several different avenues – ranging from your website to Twitter and Facebook. Make sure you’re on top of your website and make any planned changes ahead of the holiday season.

For Facebook and Instagram – increase your posting to a minimum of once a week and on Twitter the more frequent the better – tweeting at least once a day will get you increased attention.

If you need that extra help in your social media strategies during the holiday season, consider hiring social media planners like Blissful & Co from June onwards. Social Media Planning packages usually have a 6-month term, so be sure to factor in the costs leading up to these months.

2. If you’re planning on offering Christmas specials, start them early

Christmas time is a great opportunity to put on a sale and increase your revenue throughout the holiday shopping season. Studies show that 30% of consumers actually begin their holiday shopping prior to Halloween, so the sooner you start your offers the better off you are.

With that information, you can start preparing your business for the holiday season now and get your offers out there sooner. It would certainly help to get them out before mid-November and keep you a step ahead of the competition when it comes to the holidays this year. While some may disagree, thinking you’re pushing Christmas too soon it will help you to create a sense of urgency to run short-term sales which increase revenue.

3. Revisit Christmas’s past

In this case, you’re not actually taking a Dickens-style look back on your previous Christmases, but rather examining your past performance. Spend some time to review your numbers for the last few Christmas seasons. This may help you gauge if you need to hire additional help and reevaluate your holiday customers.

See if there are any trends for your past holiday seasons too. This will help you plan ahead for any extra packaging, raw materials, and inventory that you might need. Though you can’t anticipate every order ahead of time, having a general idea of your volume will help you stay cool when things come in without advanced notice.

4. If you run a service-based business – figure out promos to offer clients

Your clients are undoubtedly going to be swamped throughout the holiday season and might be needing your services less than usual. This is a great time of year to run a special so that you can stay present in the minds of your clients.

Maybe add a Christmas twist to whatever service you provide – if it’s fitness based you could start a holiday weight loss incentive and provide a free session to whoever loses the most weight throughout the often belt-busting holiday season. If you teach music lessons, consider having a special holiday concert for your students and their families.

Whatever new and interesting promotions you can come up with throughout the holidays to keep your business in your client’s minds is beneficial. If you can’t come up with strategies leading to your holiday promotion, fret not coz Blissful & Co has got you covered! Speak to us and we’re happy to strategise your promotions with you this holiday season.

5. Put in an extra effort for your clients through the holidays

It may seem like a simple thought, but an extra holiday touch for your clients during the season can go a long way. Maybe that’s sending out holiday cards thanking your clients for using your services throughout the year or sharing some inspiration for holiday-themed manicures if you run a nail salon.

You can share holiday tips and tricks in a promotional email or create a helpful holiday guide for your customers. Giving things a special touch throughout the Christmas season can help set your business apart and keep you in people’s minds year round.

If you use these tips to your advantage in the coming Christmas season, you can reap the benefits year round. The holidays can be stressful for everyone, especially as a business owner but remember sometimes to relax and breathe and you’ll make it through.


What are some of the ways you’ve boosted up your marketing efforts around the Holiday season? Share with us in the comments below!