The way you choose to portray yourself and your brand to the public actually represent your company. In most cases, you are the face of the company. The first impression matters very much. The way you want your brand and company to be seen will affect your sense of income and target audience. That is why it is essential to have your business shoots done professionally – this applies to both headshots and product photography.

You have to know that any public aspects that are produced by your business will embody your brand and company. Hence, whatever images you choose to publicise online is very crucial. These are your doors to great opportunities! Always ask yourself these questions before you press that “Post” button; “are you looking your best?” and “In what way will these photos benefits the company?”

Here are 5 insightful reasons why your brand needs professional photos done.

Reason 1: Unprofessional Photos Sucks Your Professionalism

That was my attempt at a very bad pun. Unprofessional photos does suck your professionalism unless you’re Elvis. Then, that’s pretty normal.

How did Elvis even become popular? Just sayin’

Jokes aside, hiring a professional photographer could be one of the best decisions to make for your brand. Invest in your company’s branded photos. Imagine and think of how you would like your potential clients to see your company and brand. Avoid informal photos for business use. Focus on the industry and business line that you are working in. Ensure that the photos you are going to post truly resemble your company.

For example, if you are a chef, you don’t want to be mistaken for a doctor. Studies have proven that pictures are more likely to be memorised more than text and words. According to Joyce M. Oates and Lynne M. Rader “Indeed in most situations, it would be wise to assume that pictures will be better remembered than words”


Reason 2: Clear Photos Performs Better

Let’s face it. Who doesn’t get annoyed when they see blurry or largely pixelated photos on any website? It immediately sends the message to the viewer that you are not willing to go the extra mile to make your business look good. Now, you wouldn’t want that kind of impression about your business, would you?

Ensure that your headshots are clear and detailed.The most recommended alternative is to hire a professional photographer. Photographers will know what they are expected to produce and they are sure of what they are doing. Update the photographers in advance if you have any specific ways you want your headshots to be taken.

Don’t forget to always ask for soft copies when the photos are ready for collection. Even if there’s additional payment involved, it’s well worth the budget considering you may need to use those photos again in the future. With those digital copies, you can use them for your online or branding needs.


Reason 3: You can sell, just through your photos alone

No, we’re not talking about those pesky click-through baits. We’re referring to the art of body language. The right body language and poses will send positive messages to your audience. The simple pose of having an open body language can instantaneously send the message to your audience that you are someone trustworthy. And that smile – smile with sincerity and your audience can feel your friendly and warm nature. Amazing, isn’t it?

When you are taking your headshot, ensure to not be too conservative. Be open with your body language and poses. You have to keep your headshots engaging and welcoming. Remember to always keep that smile on your face!

Here’s a tip! Try not to cross your arm when you are doing your shoot. The crossing of arms is the body way of telling the other party that you are not comfortable. It is also known as a “defensive gesture”. If you insist on crossing your arm, tilt your body away from the camera and bring your shoulders down towards the camera like this. This will make you appear friendly and professional. That “defensive gesture” is removed also instantly because you now have a much broader chest.

Keep your shots formal and professional yet flexible. This is so that you can reuse the photos for different purposes. Explore different poses and pick your best ones. You can ask your photographer for a guide on how to pose.


Reason 4: Your outfit may not be right the last time you went for a shoot

Believe it or not, your clients are smarter than you think. Wearing an outdated colour or outfit can send a clear signal to your audience that you have not updated your photos in at least a decade. Furthermore, if photos were taken in the film era, it’s high time that you get them updated.

Outfits play a huge role in photos. Apart from the poses and quality photos, the way you choose to dress yourself during the shoots actually determines the kind of photos you will get. Keep your dressing minimal and formal. It is also important that you choose the correct colour coordination and colours that complement your skin colour.

It is said that printed and patterns clothing are not appropriate for corporate headshots. This is because the patterns and bold colours clothes will actually “throw off” your face. The client’s attention will mainly be on your clothing rather than you. This is not something we want. Therefore, it is important to keep your dressing minimal and let your features speak for the picture.

Always stick to timeless outfits and colours like black, navy & white. If you’re not working with Blissful Studios for your professional portraits, it’s important to express to them that you don’t want too many edits on their photos that may send a signal of the ‘era’ the photos were taken.

The overly dreamy edit is so 2000s, my friend.

Reason 5: Take pride in your business milestones

Take a new corporate photoshoot or headshot every time you have new significant changes that are happening in your business. This can be a good way to keep your clients as well as your potential clients updated.

Social media is very powerful platform today. Therefore, the kind of photos you chooses to use to market your business is very important. Your clients and potential clients will judge you based on the pictures you put up. Try your best to keep your company’s profile picture be the closest to the current you.

Keep in mind that despite the services and products that your business will cater and have promised to the clients, the way you present yourself for your company is equally essential. When you take pride in those milestones your business has achieved with a photo shoot, you and your team will share the joy of an improved brand in your business.


Now it’s your turn to share with us what are your thoughts about these 5 reasons? How frequent do you take your corporate headshot? Do you have any tips to share with all the other readers? Share with us in the comment below!