Your photoshoot session can be fun and enjoyable, as long as you remember the purpose of your shoot. Looking good and presentable are key points that almost everyone will prioritise prior to the shoot. We’ve had the experience of clients postponing shoots just because they don’t feel fit enough for their session.Are you having doubts on preparing yourself before that important photo shoot session? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Here are some general tips that you may want to consider prior to your photo shoot session.

Remember, all successful photoshoot session requires planning; prepare yourself to look good and feel great, and book your photographer in advance.

1. Smile

Firstly, make time and spend 5 minutes every day to practice your smile in front of a mirror. There are many different types of smiles, and every smile gives off a different vibe. On top of that, smiling has plenty of benefits for your health. For starters, smiling releases neuropeptides that works towards fighting off the ugly stress. Staying stress-free helps you look great for your photo shoot, so why not? After all, practice makes perfect!

2. Eat Healthy

Secondly, it is important to eat healthily. Everything that you consume will affect your skin, teeth and weight. Therefore, try your best to always eat food that is organic and closest to their natural sources as possible. Try to avoid high carbs and salty food as it will only make you hungrier and you will have the tendency to overeat.

3. Say No to Alcohol

Thirdly, avoid alcoholic beverages as it has diuretic properties that will stimulate your body to produce extra sweat and urine. This will increase the chances of losing excess fluid in your body. Hence, will then result in making you look weary and dehydrated.

Even better, stay away from alcohol completely because research has shown that alcohol does strain your liver. The negatives of consuming alcohol far outweigh that of the benefits. If you wouldn’t feed something to a child or a youth, why should you feed it to yourself?

4. Drink Up

Once you’re clear for alcohol, always drink plenty of water. A hydrated body will result in fewer food cravings and clearer looking skin. Your body is made 60% of water. For your body to operate properly and healthily, it must lose water – these include urination and digestion. Therefore, it is essential for us to frequently replace the huge amount of water used and stay hydrated.

5. Sleep

Finally, please have enough sleep. Sleeping plays an equally important role as eating and drinking. When we sleep, our body system and mind will rest. People that are deprived of sleep will feel more tired, cranky and irritable. This will not only affect you individually but also the environment and people around you. Such unpleasant situation can be prevented.


6. Plan

I hate to break it to you, but most of our clients who come to us without a plan will always feel a need to reshoot. Your photoshoot requires careful planning. While we at Blissful Studios can plan for you, the direction of your session still boils down to what you want to achieve from the session. Be clear in your direction, and share your ideas with your preferred photography partner, Blissful Studios. We are trained professionals in our work, but we’d love to know your ideas. We work well when we know what you’re planning on using your photos for.

It also helps that you decide what are the colours you’d like to stand out, possibly representative of your brand or personality. Think about those, and discuss with us.

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So, let’s avoid failure all together and work out a plan that matches your idea for your session, okay?

There you go! Above are 5 tips on how to get yourself prepared for your upcoming photo shoot. Enjoy your photo shoot moments while it last. After all, photo shoots are about portraying your vibrant personality through pictures.

See you at your photo shoot session with us!