If you’re looking to build your image as a serious entrepreneur, there’s no better way to capture that then with your first professional business photo. Every aspiring entrepreneur/business person should have a professionally taken headshot. This will project the image of success and professionalism to the world. Whether you’re trying to build a successful blog or are looking to join the many successful business people in the world, a business photo shoot will show the rest of your network and peers that you mean business.

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Find the right photographer

The first and most crucial step in preparing for a business photo shoot is to find a photographer. And not just any photographer. You’ll need to find one that will work with you and capture your best image. If you’re located in Singapore, Blissful Studios provides excellent services at a price that won’t break the bank. Blissful Studios’ experienced photographers will work with you to portray the best image of you and your business.

Prepare your outfit

This is the image that is going to represent you across the internet. Be sure to take some time to really consider your options. You would want to dress to impress and create a professional image for yourself. Be sure to consider your own personality when picking out an outfit. Pick one that captures you and your professional goals.

Maybe you’re into vintage style, so add a funky brooch to your outfit or wear your favourite pair of 60’s heels. Whatever you decide on, be sure that you feel confident, professional, and most importantly like yourself. You don’t want this image to convey someone who isn’t you.

Zul Ariffin, Malaysian Celebrity – Photoshoot in Collaboration with Blissful Studios

Bring any props that reflect your business

This tip is more aimed at the bloggers or more specified professionals looking to have their business photo shoot. If you’re writing a fitness blog, consider bringing some workout equipment – something that will help explain your business in one image.

Maybe you’re a woman looking to make it in the world of professional chefs – you would probably want to have your chef’s coat accompanied with your dishes for the photo. Or if you’re like Zul Ariffin here?, you can borrow the photographer’s equipment to visualize his dream of becoming a producer.

Don’t forget you’ll get more than one picture. You’ll have room to try a couple of different options. However, bear in mind the number of hours you’ve booked the photographer for. Some charge for downtime when you are changing outfits too.


Relax and feel confident

There’s nothing that will make your photo turn out worse than if you’re a bundle of nerves and feel uncomfortable. When you’re feeling uptight, it shows in the final product – so try to relax and feel at ease. If you feel confident in yourself, the people who hire you (or are seeking to) will see that confidence and in turn will feel the same confidence in you. When you’re comfortable, you will appear more composed and professional in the photo.


We’ve shared this before, and we’ll share it again! Don’t forget to smile!

When people see a business portrait they’re looking for someone who is warm and easy to work with. A picture can say a thousand words, and a smile can be 800 of them (probably!). Your smile is the most important business tool and will show your clients that you’re a happy person to work with or for.

Research by Reading University shows that people are more likely to look longer at a smiling face than one that isn’t, and this may be your shot at getting an extra glance from a peer or employer.


When it comes to your first business photo shoot, if you keep these tips in mind you’ll be practically prepared in every way! Hopefully, if things go well, you’ll have an assortment of images to choose from that represent you as a professional and capture your best qualities. This should be an image you’re proud to update your LinkedIn profile with and add to your personal website and is a great step in building yourself as a successful female entrepreneur.