A Photobooth can be the perfect service to add to any event to liven things up and make tangible memories that everyone can take home with them. While your guests will love any photos they’re able to take home with them, it can be fun to come up with clever and creative ideas for your event’s backdrop. That wall can set your event apart or tie the whole thing together – it just depends on what you’re looking for. There are so many ideas out there on Pinterest and other websites, you might be overwhelmed with all of the choices so here’s a few options that might inspire you.

Simple Gold

With all of the ideas at your fingertips, it’s easy to let things get complicated and go all out with your photo wall. However, sometimes the simplest option is the best one for your event. If you’re hosting a formal wedding or event of any kind a simple gold backdrop can add a touch of class to your photobooth. A plain gold backdrop will allow your props to stand out and works well with any formal attire.

Watercolor Floral Print

Maybe your event isn’t a formal affair, or you prefer something a little more fun and colorful than a one tone wall. Our floral print backdrop has been a huge hit with all sorts of crowds. It’s perfect for an event celebrating women, a birthday celebration for your favorite girl, or even a wedding. The watercolor flowers are a perfect delicate touch for any event that will make your photos pop.

Customized Company Backdrop

If you’re hosting a company sponsored event, you’ll probably want to use your own custom backdrop to highlight your company logo. You can use a backdrop with a flat color like black or white and put your company logo over that so your design is front and center in everyone’s photos. It’s a fun way to keep your company prominent and have a bit of a Hollywood red carpet vibe for all of your guests.


Perhaps you’re looking for a more do-it-yourself option for your photobooth wall – something fun to do is a wall of balloons. You can choose multicolor balloons, form some kind of pattern with your colors, or even just one or two-toned designs. A balloon wall is a festive backdrop for a child’s birthday party, a graduation celebration, or whatever you’re celebrating with a photobooth.


Another great do-it-yourself option for a photobooth wall that’s a bit more understated is streamers. You can hang streamers on a wire to create a lighter or brighter striped photo wall for your guests. Maybe you’re hosting a baby shower or a gender reveal party – you could use blue and pink streamers to play up the theme. This could give your guests a great backdrop for their photos to always remember the special day for their friend or family member.


Using chalkboard paint on a poster board backdrop would create a versatile background for your photos. You could have several colors of chalk there and encourage event guests to write a message or draw a photo on the backdrop. This would give your guests the chance to get creative and produce a more fun atmosphere for the photos.

Textured Fabric

Sometimes the color of your background isn’t what’s important to you, you may be looking for a more unique vibe. A textured black backdrop can give your photos a more understated and casual vibe while still creating a distinctive look. The textured backdrop can be dressed up or dressed down depending upon your event. Either way, it can reflect a more serious look than some of the other options available to you if that’s what your event needs.

Whatever background you decide on for your photobooth, be sure it’s something that will impress your guests. If the background is unique, people will be lining up for their own chance at a photo at your booth and will give them a memory to cherish for years to come.