Our world is more connected than ever before, thanks to the internet and social media is still a relatively new tool to connect people around the globe. When it comes to marketing the current way and the future are based significantly in social media and are crucial to growing your business in the 21st century. While there may be some disadvantages to social media marketing, the pros most certainly outweigh the cons. Here are 10 advantages to social media marketing for your business.

It’s free!

The biggest advantage of social media is unlike conventional advertising, social media marketing is free! Of course as we adapt there are additional paid options on most of the social media platforms, but you can create an account and gain popularity for your brand without ever paying a cent.

Increase brand awareness

Each of the major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) have millions of users that are now available to you as potential clients. While the majority of these users have probably never heard of your brand, this is your chance to reach out and make an impression on them. Use social media to fill in the gaps and get exposure to a new audience.

Co-marketing opportunities

Social media is undoubtedly one of the easiest platforms for partnering up with other brands on co-marketing campaigns and initiatives. It’s a win-win for both brands, who get exposure to the other’s audience and creates a unique opportunity to build something great together.

Increase website traffic

According to Shareaholic, data shows that social media drives 31% of website traffic. Given how much content is available on each of the social media platforms each day, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise. You can take the opportunity to benefit from this by sharing occasional helpful and relevant content from your website/brand.

Grow your audience

When it comes to successful businesses, it’s important to build an audience of loyal customers that stick with you. With social media marketing, each new follower or fan you gain could potentially become one of those lifelong brand users. With each of those loyal customers, they could pass on word of mouth to a friend and continue to build your customer base. If you focus on sharing helpful and entertaining content, people will come back for more.

Reach your audience where their attention is focused

In marketing, our mission includes reaching our target audience and capturing their attention in order to sell them our product. These days, the attention of most of these audiences is more focused on social media than any other channel which creates a great opportunity for you. It’s easier to get a consumer’s attention on social media than the more traditional forms of advertising we used in the past.

Targeted advertising

Thanks to complicated algorithms and the rather invasive nature of our social networks, platforms like Facebook and Twitter have a lot of information about their users. Consequentially, their advertising platforms allow for highly in-depth audience targeting. This allows you to get in front of the exact type of customer you want to sell to and tailor your content to their needs.

Improve sales

Social media has proven itself as an effective tool for any sales team. In 2014, 64% of sales professionals reported that social media was directly responsible for them closing at least one deal. Whether your company is B2B and utilizing networks like LinkedIn to begin the conversation with fellow businesses, or a B2C company using Twitter to answer questions from consumers on the edge of buying from you and need a push in the right direction – social media can provide that extra push. Thanks to social media, customers can get a response much faster than sitting on hold with customer service for 30 minutes or longer.

Easy way to distribute content

Perhaps your brand is more of a blog than a company, well you can still use social media to your advantage in distributing your content. Social media provides you with a platform to distribute your content like articles, blogs, or listicles – but be careful to also curate some content to fit the network. If you can regularly engage with your audience as well it will provide a positive outcome.

User-generated content

Another great bonus to social media’s connectivity is that it allows you to garner user-generated content for your postings. People love to show off their new favorite products or brands on social media and you can capitalize off of this and share it to your own feed. Embrace this praise and get involved by highlighting and even requesting user-generated content. You can even do giveaways as a way to encourage participation.

These are just a few of the endless benefits social media marketing can provide to your brand or business in the future. Take advantage of the free social media platforms available to you and begin curating content to your audiences better than ever with this diverse sales tool!